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Hello and Welcome

My name is Tracy, the owner, illustrator and designer of Shiny Pistachio based in Toronto, Canada.

My career has always been in the creative industry. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in advertising design and entering into the #realworld, I worked as a graphic designer, digital marketer and interaction designer.

For as long as I remember, I’ve always been curious and drawn to art and design. When I was younger, I remember always sitting on the bed in the guest room at my grandparents’ home and just so naturally drew what I saw in the neighbour’s backyard. And growing up, I loved to make pretty things for those around me, from custom cards for special occasions to coupon books to paintings to jewelry. Though not always the most practical gift nor is it of high monetary value but it’s the thought and heart that counts, right?

Shiny Pistachio was founded because I didn’t want to be complacent. I wanted to push my creative boundaries, to go further and grow professionally and personally. I picked up calligraphy during my maternity leave, practicing in the short but precious hour(s) during the oh-so-precious nap time aka mama's free time and fell in love. I want to use my hands and skills to create and share all things creative! In Chinese culture, "Pistachio" is described as the "happy nut", with that in mind, Shiny Pistachio's mission is to create art that brings joy and smiles to those who receive an artwork from us.

Need a calligrapher or have special gift ideas you need just a little more help executing? Get in touch so we can chat!

- Tracy  

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